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7 Keys to Success

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We Are Ambassadors Of Christ

Practical Preparation
for Personal Evangelism


In my almost 30 years of ministry I have seen over and over where a young zealous Christian has attempted to engage 
someone in conversation to discuss their salvation but neglected to pay attention to the practical preparation needed for 
success and lost out because of it.

Here are some points to remember to achieve success in Personal Evangelism


Cultivate the Right Attitude

Relax in the knowledge that God is in control - Expect success - Be optimistic - Cultivate Joy

If you were going to tell someone they had just won a million dollars what would be your attitude? The Good News of the 
Gospel is worth far more than a million dollars!


Dress Appropriately: Neat - Clean - Modest

You are an Ambassador - You represent a King and a Kingdom.

You begin to make an impression long before you open your mouth to speak. People will assess you by how you look, 
what you wear and how you comport yourself.

Give them every opportunity to like and trust you even by the clothes you wear.

Imagine some young man showing up at your door offering to share his faith with you wearing a T-shirt with some 
off-color joke printed on it or a young lady wearing revealing clothing talking to you about a Holy God?

As simple as it seems these things can be serious stumbling blocks to people opening up to hearing the Gospel message.



Personal Hygiene: Shower - Deodorant - Check Breath (Use Mints)

I can't tell you how many times I've been out in groups evangelizing and there's this one person who has a serious body 
odor or halitosis and nobody has the courage to tell them about it.

It's sad to see them in action trying to engage people in conversation but no matter how hard they try people just aren't 
responding to them positively... simply because of body odor or bad breath.


Keep Extra Copies of the New Testament with You to Give New Converts

You ought to expect success in your evangelistic efforts so you should be wise and plan for success. 

When you lead someone to faith in Christ it is a great habit to give them their own copy of the New Testament perhaps 
with a little encouraging note in it to help them remember the experience and get in the habit of reading the word of God 


Share Gospel Tracts When You Can't Have a Conversation 

Keep a supply of Gospel Tracts on you and give them to those you cannot speak with personally.

You can use Gospel Tracts as an opener to break the ice and start a conversation
You can leave them with people who either don't want to or can't chat with you at the present time.

When sharing Gospel Tracts this way it's a good habit to get the person to agree to discuss the tract with you at a 
later date so you always leave an open door for future conversation.

Chick Tracts are an excellent resource for this purpose. The comic book nature of the tracts make them attractive 
to everyone and an effective tool in communicating the gospel message.

You Can Read Several Chick Gospel Tracts Here

Suggested In-Class Exercise: Each student can request a personal evaluation from the instructor or another 
classmate they trust and feel comfortable with about their personal hygiene and appearance. (This of course, 
should be totally optional and discreetly done) 

Suggested At-Home Exercise: Each student can request a personal evaluation from a trusted friend or family 
member about their personal hygiene and appearance.